KEAM 2019 prospectus pdf download


Candidates who are aspiring to get admission into engineering and medical colleges in Kerala need to pass through the KEAM entrance exam test. This test will be conducted by the CEE in the month of April 2019.

KEAM 2019 prospectus pdf download

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Candidates can download the free PDF of the KEAM 2019 prospectus here.

The prospectus is revised every year and the topics are updated as per the KEAM. The 2017 prospectus is designed keeping KEAM associated colleges in mind. The questions will be asked from the given prospectus only and not out of the course.

You will find many sites offering prospectus by asking for money, but you can get free PDF of the entire KEAM prospectus here on this page. Just click the link given below and save the KEAM prospectus PDF file on your local machine.

click here to get the KEAM 2019 prospectus

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