KEAM 2019 options deletion process


KEAM 2019 options deletion process: Once you would have opted for the KEAM 2019, and you would have received your marks, you would have to list out your KEAM options deletion process for the colleges that you want to get admitted to.

KEAM 2019 options deletion process

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The first round of admissions will happen keeping in mind the candidate’s options as well as the institutes cut off marks. The candidates would have listed their options in a hierarchical fashion with the first option meaning the first preference for the candidate, the second option means the second preference and so on.

If after the first round of admission, there are still seats that have not been filled in both or either of the private and government institutes, the institutes have a option resulting process. In this phase, the candidates who have not received the admission can opt for KEAM 2019 options deletion Process and options reshuffling, wherein they delete the options that they have chosen and chose different options and hierarchy.

This is done so that at this level both the Institute and the candidates have a better idea of the admission scenario of that year. The candidates would also be better aware of the different colleges as well as the cutoff. And if some candidates have listed top colleges, and they have received average marks, they can opt for KEAM 2019 options deletion process.

The link for KEAM option deletion details and the option reshuffling will be available on the KEAM website along with the details about the process and the first round of admission and their cutoffs.

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