KEAM 2019 forgot key number (what to do?)


The KEAM 2019, if the candidate has KEAM forgotten the key number, then the KEAM examination authority has no provisions for the same. There would be no chance of getting back the application number unless the candidate has noted the application number somewhere else.

KEAM 2019 forgot key number (what to do?)

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But, if the candidate had received the key number by completing the KEAM 2019 online application, but he or she has not yet made the payment for the same, all they need to do is re-register themselves. This would give you the new registration number. This time around, it would be advisable if the candidate noted the registration number in a diary.

If the candidate has just forgotten the password, they could click on the forgot password link that is situated under the KEAM 2019 login details. The candidate would be asked for their application number, date of birth and the security question, if they give a correct answer for the same, they would have the link to get the new password.

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