KEAM 2019 forgot application number (What to do)


KEAM 2019 forgot application number (What to do): Once the applicant makes an account with the KEAM website, he/she is given an application number and a password. In order to log in to the website again to apply, view and download the admit cards from the website. So, it is important to view the and login to the website.

KEAM 2019 forgot application number (What to do)

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But, under any unforeseen circumstances, you have KEAM forgotten the application number you can click on the forgot password link on the online application page. This would take you to a page wherein you can reset the password. But in order to successfully reset the password, you would have to include the application number, security question, date of birth and when you answer this correctly, you would be directed to a page that would reset the password properly.

This would help you login to the page and access your information and carry forward further formalities.

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