KEAM 2019 fitness certificate format download


KEAM 2019 fitness certificate format download: In order to take the KEAM 2019, the candidates would have to submit the KEAMĀ fitness certificate. If the candidate is asked for the KEAMĀ fitness certificate, they would obtain the format on the official KEAM website. The format is available for free download.

KEAM 2019 fitness certificate format

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The fitness certificate is asked to ascertain the KEAM fitness form of the candidate’s mind and body. Along with this, there are a lot of other certificates that the candidates would have to furnish on a need to basis. Some of these certificates are income certificate, nativity certificate, class certificate etc.

All these certificates should be attested by the required official from Kerala. KEAM fitness Certificates that are from other states would not be accepted. Also, make sure that the certificates are in proper format and as per the needs and requirements. Once submitted, there would be no changes in the submissions.

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