KEAM 2019 facilitation centres


KEAM 2019 facilitation centers: The facilitation centers for KEAM 2019 are there in every center that the test will be taken. So, if a candidate would need to contact any of the examination centers, they can get in touch with the felicitation center.

KEAM 2019 facilitation centers

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The basic reason for setting up a KEAM felicitation center is that as there are too many centers, some even outside India like Dubai, the facilitation centers for KEAM  help the CEE to take the examination and ensure that the entire process goes smoothly. These centers get the papers, arrange the test centers, facilitate the examination center, collect the papers, and send them back to the CEE.

It is because of these centers that the candidates from all over can be allowed and given a chance to appear for the KEAM 2019 examinations and all the candidates can take the examinations simultaneously across the centers.

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