KEAM 2019 application form corrections


KEAM 2019 application form corrections: The KEAM 2019 applications should be done with utmost concentration as the applications will not be able to make any form corrections once the final submission is done.

KEAM 2019 application form corrections

KEAM 2016 application form corrections, KEAM application form corrections, KEAM application corrections, KEAM application form corrections procedure, KEAM application corrections details, how can i get KEAM application form correctionsThe applicant will not be able to change any of the details that they have mentioned in their KEAM application form correction, and if they are not able to submit proofs of any of the details, their application will be canceled. This is especially true for the candidates who want to apply for the reserved seats.

The center preference once ticked, will not be changed. You will have to appear at that center, or not appear for the examination at all. So, make sure you re-read your entire application form before clicking the final submit button. If in case you have made an error, you could try contacting the KEAM 2019 application corrections office and try to talk to them and see if they can rectify the error.

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  1. sir,
    i made a mistake during my keam application.I didnt have any reservation or anything for seats.In place of my parents occupation i selected other govt. service instead of teacher.Actually my parents are govt. teachers.So i mistakely selected as other govt. service.Are there any way to correct this small mistake.Please send me reply as soon as possible

  2. Sir,
    I have applied and sent my application to CEE but on my application,in space of attestation by gazetted officer, It’s ONLY SIGNED OVER MY PHOTOGRAPH AND NOT SEPARATELY ON OTHER AREAS.
    Is this a problem or will it cause rejection of my application?
    please reply my query.

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